Blessed Salt Benedictine Heart Pod

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2.00 LBS
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Blessed Salt Benedictine Heart Pod

NEW! Blessed Salt Heart Pod 

This St. Benedict sacramental is ideally used as a lovely container to hold the Blessed Salt in an inconspicious manner.  It is great to give us a gift for our loved ones or friends on are working in an office.  It is also a great gift for mothers as a pod to hold the Blessed Salt while they are cooking.   Another great idea is to put it in your altar so when you feel some harrasments form the evil one, you can readily take it out.  The  charism of the Benedictine spirituality inspires this product.  We glorify God in everything we do.  

About the wood:  

Bubinga and Bloodwood are used.  Black Plastic St. Benedict medals at the center of the wooden heart. 

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