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Church Militant St. Benedict Crucifix, walnut and blood wood with St. Michael medal

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Due to a recent discernment that we will be focusing on evangelization for the youth for 2019, we are constantly on the road but  we can build by order only.    Thus, we ask that you call us at (803) 526-8632 if you want us to build this beautiful sacramental  asap. 

Church Militant St. Benedict Crucifix, walnut and blood wood with St. Michael medal 

"Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven. But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven. Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth, but a sword. ~Matthew 10:34




To follow Jesus might mean to break away from your family, where Jesus is not  acknowledged first and foremost.  It might also mean that you have to be part of the larger community, outside of your family, who believes in the power of the cross. 

The spiritual sword symbolizes the invisible split or division among the faithful and families.  No matter what is the cost, we must follow Jesus. 

Jesus desires everyone, even the sinner.  He gave us the free will to choose Him.

He does not condone violence just as He asked Peter to put back his sword in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

But in Luke 12:49-53, Jesus tells us that division is inevitable because of free will. 

This is a radical and straightforward statement on what will happen if we follow Jesus. 

Jesus is not talking about a physical sword that will kill  the enemies.  Jesus is talking about a spiritual sword that has to do with our free will.   If we choose Him, we cut ourselves from the worldly culture of death.   We cut ourselves from the darkness of sin.  We cut ourselves from the lies of the devil.

This is our spiritual sword –  leaving the life and ideologies of sin, to take up the cross and follow Jesus. 

Put on your armor, shield and your sword as stated by Paul to the Ephesians. 

You have the obligation to defend your family, your neighborhood, your country against the sword against you from the evil one.

God will not leave us stranded in this combat. 




  • Wall and table display options 
  • Exorcised salt inserted inside the cross. 
  • Made of exotic solid wood (see the article on the biblical references about wood and the cross)

  • A medal of Our Lady of the Undoer of Knots or Miraculous Medal, or Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, embedded at the bottom of the cross (biblical significance of Mary, Queen at the foot of the Cross, based on Canticle of Zechariah) or St. Michael medal or other Saints medal

  • Trinitarian, Celtic and Marian designs

  • Perpetual Enrollment  in the Cross of St. Benedict Society, which means, your intentions are included in our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Masses and rosary.

  • Certificate of Authencity papers with embossed stamp seal, identification to show that this is an original handcraftmanship of Oblate Patrick Campbell
  • A prophecy scroll, that is, a  Scripture verse to inspire the recipient in their current state of life. 

  • Spiritual warfare kit included 
  • Sturdy  family heirloom that could be passed on from one generation to the next, re-finishing available at cost.  
  • Touched to the First Class Relic of the True Cross, thus the cross,  after purchased,  becomes a 3rd class relic.