We offer the following:  

1.   Retreat and workshops

      We have successfully launched and tested our retreats called  "Healing through Spiritual Warfare"  or "Saving the Families through the Cross".  

      For a powerful impact and the return to the Sacraments,  the retreat is 12 hours that could be divided in 2-3 days.   

2.   Testimony called "The Real Story" requires 45 minutes minimum to one hour.  It is another powerful talk given at Marian conferences , youth groups, Confirmation Retreats and Catholic Holy Spirit Conferences. 

3.    Artisan Custom Build of  Crosses 

4.    Restoration and Re-painting of broken statues and religious articles and crucifixes 

5.    Artist Commission for Crosses and Artwork 

6.    Illustrator of  Children's Books 

7.    Custom Gifts for Special People and Occasions