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Freedom St. Benedict Celtic Crucifix in Cherry

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3.00 LBS
$18.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

***Please contact us if you need this cross built asap at (803) 526 8632.  Thank you.  

The Freedom St. Benedict Crucifix was commissioned by Brad Schueneman to honor our Lord again on his special day.   

At this current time, we are held imprisoned by COVID-19, its devastating effects continue to affect us.   The cross is our liberation.  It is our reminder that God sent His only Begotten Son, Made Flesh, died for our sins.  It is the Truth.  It has become our Life.  It is the Way to an eternal life. 

The question is how to do we respond to this great sacrifice? 

In our powerlessness, our anxiety gets to us.  But, we need to declare this one truth over and over in our life -  the Word became Flesh.   We are seeking God but God put Himself in our DNA so we would know He is real.  And, that even if He died, it is for one purpose, to redeem us.  Jesus left the Holy Spirit to guide us and enlighten our path. 

St. Benedict teaches that the "Cross is our Light".  In these dark confusing times, let the Cross be our light. 

This cross is made of American Cherry.  To us, the choice of Brad S.  represented to us that the United State was given a great mandate - to lead the world to protect its God-given freedom, against not only those in the flesh trying to destroy our freedom but also against the powers and principalities in the unseen realm. 

If we keep our focus on Jesus, His life, death and passion, we would reconcile immediately to God the Father,  be contrite and be truly sorrowful for our sins. We thank God the Father for His protection and mercy to our families and to our land.