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Holy Gathering St. Benedict Celtic Crucifix (With stand), 14 inches

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Due to a recent discernment that we will be focusing on evangelization for the youth for 2019, we are constantly on the road but  we can build by order only.    Thus, we ask that you call us at (803) 526-8632 if you want us to build this beautiful sacramental  asap. 


NEW!  Holy Gathering St. Benedict Celtic Crucifix, 14 inches 

About the Wood:

The outer wood is walnut.  The middle wood is bubinga.  The Celtic ring is mahogany.  Blessed exorcism salt is inserted on top of the crucifix and capped with a red St. Benedict wax medal.  There are seven  medals embedded:  God the Father, Holy Spirit, Miraculous medal, St. Michael, Holy Family and Two Hearts.  The St. Benedict medal is in  the middle and can be seen  both at the front and at the back of the cross.  This cross has a stand to give you an option to display it on top of a table or on a wall. This crucifix comes with perpetual prayer enrollment.   The size of the cross has a height of 14 inches.  

History and Meaning of the Holy Gathering St. Benedict Crucifix:

Our long time society member, Brad S., wrote us.  He commissioned the building of a  new inspiration  in his heart for the  St. Benedict crucifix.   The inspiration involved placing powerful medals to represent God the Father, The Holy Spirit, St. Michael, the Miraculous Medal, Holy Family, the Two Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother.   

The Holy Gathering Crucifix represents a soul's quest for a more spiritually fulfilling life.  Our earthly life  distracts us from our spiritual journey. Souls are lured to the excitement of the world.  It provides a temporary ecstasy that fills up the void in one's heart. Young adults engage in recreational drugs and alcohol. Shallowness in their relationships depicts their desire to remain cool and non-committal.  Men and women respond to this emptiness by searching for God in a world that provides convenient quick answers.  Some find it in the internet sites that promise an enlightened mind.

The basis of these methods are in the New Age movement, a modern cult that substitutes God's truth with a combination of humanism; paganism; self-deification; Satanism and witchcraft.  Souls are hungry for the mystical.  Thus, they explore other methods and religion to satisfy their thirst and hunger.

The Holy Gathering St. Benedict Celtic Crucifix is the answer.  It will fight the lies of  the evil one.   The aggressive campaign of the New Age movement lures the hearts of our loved ones to complacency or substitutes the Word of God with made up theories.  The Holy Gathering St. Benedict Crucifix is a sacramental to remind us to protect the minds of our fellow Christians from false doctrines.  

God the Father Medal

The Holy Gathering St. Benedict Crucifix teaches us that God  the Father loves us infinitely.  This is represented by the circle, the round wood where the cross is inlayed.  God the Father is attached to the Cross overseeing the sacrifice of His Son, which has  a greater purpose than we could ever imagine.  

No father on earth can even come close to our Heavenly Father.  The fathers in the Old Testament had their shortcomings.  Their flaws did not inhibit us from knowing God the Father based on what He commanded and instructed us to do.  

Our understanding of God is bridged by our Lord Jesus Christ, His Son.  We must look at God the Father as a just,  forgiving, merciful and loving God, not a God of punishment and tribulation.  Our relationship with our earthly father may have prevented us from coming close to God the Father.  But, we know one thing:  He has only One Son and He gave Him to us.  What does this tell of God the Father?  He truly loves us.  

This crucifix is a great gift for our pastors, bishops and the priest of the domestic church - the fathers of families.  It reminds them to have confidence in their God-given authority - to be faithful in their Heavenly Father's provision and to be honored to be God the Father's son through Jesus Christ. 

The Holy Spirit Medal 

The Holy Spirit medal is with the God the Father medal on top of the Crucifix overlooking the Passion of Christ.

The Holy Spirit will guide us to all the truth.  The truth is compromised in the world today.  The young carries with them flawed skeptical truth about their world.     Relativism speaks in the minds of modernism.  There is now a tendency to believe that nothing is definitive.   Truth is dependent on consent or simply by what we want.  The moral compass disintengrates in our own homes beyond our control.  

Do you recall when Pontius Pilate asked the question, "What is truth?"  (John 1:1-14)

But also St. Paul tells us that no one can say "Jesus" without the Holy Spirit. ( 1 Cor 12:3)

It means that the Holy Spirit will guide us to encounter Jesus.  He is our salvation.  So why are we afraid of the encounter?  Why do we put a stronghold to how the Holy Spirit will manifest in our lives?  We have to pray to be open to the Holy Spirit, just as Pope Francis recently opened His heart to the further action of the Holy Spirit.  

This crucifix is a great gift to our loved ones who are in constant fear of the unknown, those that need a healing of their minds.  We must learn from our Blessed Mother, who pondered on the Holy Spirit in her heart.  Let us invoke the Holy Spirit to help us follow Christ and be worthy disciples of His kingdom. 

The Miraculous Medal 

The Miraculous Medal of the Blessed Mother is on one side of the cross, representing her intercession for our souls.  Being the spouse of the Holy Spirit, her fiat and obedience to God the Father resulted in our salvation.  

The Miraculous medal is designed by the Blessed Mother herself and  given to us through St. Catherine.  

The Promise:

“Those who wear it will receive great graces. ” The Medal had originally been called the “Medal of the Immaculate Conception”, but so many remarkable graces and favours were soon granted through it that it quickly became known as the “Miraculous Medal”.

St. Michael Medal

At the other end of the cross is the medal of St. Michael.  St Michael is honored as the guardian of God's people.  He fulfilled the role of the defender.  He is also the Guardian of the Blessed Sacrament.   Traditions dictate that he has been given the role to fight against Satan, rescue souls from the devil at the hour of death, attend and accompany the dying at the hour of death, be the champion for God's people from the Old to the New Testament.  

Holy Family Medal 

The primary purpose of this medal is to present the Holy Family as a model of the Christian family.  It reveals the holiness of ordinary life.  We can meditate deeper on the life of the Holy Family to understand our roles in the family of Christ.  It draws us to listen in our heart how Jesus, as the Son of Mary and Joseph, His Foster Father manifest His love for them.  The family carries the promises of God the Father, the Covenant to His Provision - saving us through the death of His only Son.  That is how much God the Father loves us.    When the family breaksdown, our understanding of God the Father falls apart.   

It also helps us recapture our idea of marriage.  The roles of Mary and Joseph were fixed on Christ.  They are a family who were faced with similar difficulties of families today.  And, we are invited to have the same trust to God the Father and treat each member of our family as Christ. The family these days must not be afraid to be a contradiction to the families of the world.  We pray and we must serve each other.  

Bringing our children to baptism means entering them to God's family.  This crucifix is a great Baptism gift and for those entering the church in RCIA.  

Two Hearts Medal 

 Pride is the sickness of our souls.  Our merits in heaven is not like a scoreboard.  The devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary keep us grounded against the sins of pride.   We are not equal with God in saving the world.  We are just humble tools, allowed to share in helping others come to know Him.   Our works for God must be rooted in Christ.  Thus, we are helpless.  It is only the mercy of God that He is giving us the grace to live.  

Thus, we cannot be in a state of complacency, nor, can we judge others for their service to God.  

The treasure is in the Sacred Heart.  We must allow Jesus to pity us on our sinfulness.  We must accept His Body and Blood to save us and renew our Spirit.  When we agree that we are nothing, Our Lord can fill us up.

The Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary remind us to love others and do acts of reparation, that is, to recognize the sins amidst us and to intercede for the world through a life of prayer.  

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    Quality Crucifix

    Posted by brad schueneman on 16th Jun 2017

    A beautiful, heavy, lifetime treasure with the highest quality woods and medals. A very powerful choice.