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Madonna of the Cross , Pencil Art, Signed Copy, Print on Foam Board

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Madonna of the Cross 


also known as Our Lady of Holy Hope 


Background and History of the Madonna of the Cross Pencil Art 

Our Lady of Hope is the Patroness of  the Cross of St. Benedict Ministry.  And, here is the story on how it came to be.   

Around November in 2013,  Patrick and Joy attended the Charism School conducted by Catholic Lay Evangelist, Damian Stayne.  Prior to this, Patrick experienced a great need to find out how he can sell the over 60 crosses that he had on his home.  Two year before that,  he lost his Project Manager job sadly.   It seemed that all doors were being shut for job opportunities for Patrick.   He continued building crosses in his garage after part time jobs which gave him great peace.  After 60 crosses on their wall, Joy asked him, "These are beautiful crosses?  What is your plan honey?"  

In his need to find out what God wants him to do with these crosses, he found his way to  the Charism School  in Greenville, SC.  On the third day of the workshop,  Patrick received a "Word" that  healed his mind and gave him hope of the new promises of our Lord to him.  Though, clueless to how our Lord will solve his financial problem, he was hopeful.  But, he was also extremely worried.  

He noticed a picture of Our Lady in front of the conference room. Facing them was the image of the Blessed Mother, portrayed carrying the Infant Jesus, holding the cross. Interiorly, Patrick knew that the  Blessed Mother was telling him, "Do not worry, My Son and I will present the cross for you." 

Patrick had no idea how this will develop and be fulfilled .  In a few seconds after this.  The speaker requested Patricka and his wife to speak about their testimony.  In sharing their prayer life and their struggles and the prophecy related to Batman ©, the participants felt called to buy the crosses that he brought.  In fact, Patrick's crosses sold out that day.  

After several months from this conference in 2014, one of Patrick's tools stopped working.  Since he cannot afford to buy a new one, he and his wife scouted the thrift shops hoping to find a replacement.  

Browsing through the enormous second-hand items on display, Joy found a square styrofoam box that stood out from the rest because it  did not belong there.  To her surprise, it was an oval-shaped statue of the Blessed Mother.  She flipped it.   At the back, the title inscription showed "Our Lady of Hope."  


Well-pleased with her statue rescue, Joy searched the Internet hoping to find more information of the Blessed Mother as "Our Lady of Hope.   Gasping in amazement, she discovered that the art print version of this statue is the image that was in front of the conference room during the Damian Stayne Charism School Conference in 2013.   Her research led her further to the fact that Our Lady of Holy Hope is also called the Madonna of the Cross.  

After the whole family relished on this coincidence, Patrick and the boys went back to the garage.  They tried out the broken tool and miraculously, it got fixed that afternoon. Clearly, Our Lady wanted to be the patroness of the Cross of St. Benedict  Ministry.  Our Lord allowed the  tool to be broken so we can be led to the next chapter in the story of His Provision.  

Patrick and Joy  have been using  her novena of Hope, pleading for her intercession in all their talks and workshops.

The next chapter in their lives did not end there.  Two years after that, they were led to discover their current home in Kingstree, SC.  It is the city that houses the Shrine of Our Lady of Joyful Hope.  Stay tuned to hear the story on how their ministry eventually was named under the patronage of our Lady at the Shrine in Kingstree - Joyful Hope Ministries. 

 Short Prayer

O Mary, help us your children to be men and women of hope! Help us remember that imperishable inheritance being kept for us in heaven. Help us remember that if we suffer with Christ here on earth, we will also one day be glorified with Him in heaven. O Mary, Mother of Divine Hope, keep this joy set before us, so that we can faithfully carry our cross with Christ, and bring many souls with us to heaven. Amen.