Perfect Gifts Bring God In

Watching this video clip below will be the best 40 minutes spent in your life.  We guarantee this because the Holy Spirit will sure touch your heart.  As a result of this annointing, we have dedicated our lives building spiritual weapons that actually works to fight evil.  Why can we be confident of this?  

We are survivors of diabolical attacks designed to divide families.  As we sought God in all these chaos, our Lord detached us from things that are useless and senseless.  He provided for all our needs and taught us how to build spiritiual weapons that are powerful because of the prayers that we put on each sacramental.  He inspired us with the designs and the symbolic meanings so we can tell the best story to the devil that the battle had been won by Christ.  

Many of our  brothers and sisters  are in great pain.   Our mission is to act as  "First Responders".  This is similar to EMTs when you call an ambulance.  We respond to the spiritual wounds of families, we pray and then we love the person that our Lord brings before us.  

Our Lord granted us the grace to pray several times a day.  He allowed us to be trained for over a year in the Benedictine spirituality.  We are now Oblates of the Benedictines like a Third Order.   Please visit us on Facebook  so you can participate in our LIVE  broadcast of  our daily celebration of  Morning Prayer and Night Prayer. 

Due to our "YES",  our Lord took us to missions across the US and Canada, three times a year,  to save families through the cross.  We have over 8000 members in our society who pray for the healing of families.   We hope that you will find a treasure in our website.  Let us know if our Lord is calling you to support us in our mission or better yet to  be part of the Cross of St. Benedict Society.  


Patrick and Joy Campbell 

   STUNNING  Exorcism Prayer  T-SHIRT Designed to give you the authentic sacramental for peace. 



Great to hold at night in bed.  Awesome for your car.   Comfort those who are suffering from terminal illnesses and chronic pain.  



The exorcist recommended this to her staff in our last show.  He says no one will notice the protection that it gives.  He also said if he could tell people how important it is to get their sacramentals from people who pray.  


Sr. Gertrude Doll  (9 dolls left)

This doll is so soft representing Mother Superior Getrude who taught us the Rule of St. Benedict.    This is a must have for those kiddos with tiny hands and who needs a huggable doll to bring with them to bed.  A hit with our little friend Elizabeth. 



Modern Anti-Bully  St. Benedict Medal, ( $12 )Great Stocking Stuffers 

The Latin inscriptions were re-designed to give it a contemporary look.  It looks very elegant when worn by adults.  If you know anyone who feels that he or she is confronting bullies, give this necklace.