Pocket St. Benedict Cross

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Pocket St. Benedict Cross

St. Benedict Trinity Cross, 4 inches (Introductory price of $60) 


"On those days I feel particularly challenged it is a great comfort to carry the Cross of St Benedict in my pocket.
I wear the medal around my neck everyday, but there is something about handling the wood that gives tactile reassurance when facing challenges.
I recently purchased one for a PH.D. at my office. He handled it like the sacred object that it is. I explained how the medal is used by exorcists and the inscriptions on the metal are representative of Latin words that translate to, "Stand Back Satan. Drink the cup of Poison you meant for me!"
In short... It is a powerful weapon that you can carry in your pocket, sort of like a Derringer pistol.  
Since the special St Benedict prayer has been spoken by a Catholic Priest, it has been, "weaponized!"
It has also touched, "The True Cross of Jesus" cross relic, so it is a, "Third Order Relic."
Praise God for spiritual weapons and Praise God for your ministry!"
   ~ Chuck Dufresne, December 11, 2015