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Prayer Line


It is part of our ministry to pray for the healing of families.   Nothing is too small or "unimportant", no request for prayer ever goes unheeded.

"Count the crosses that are in new homes.  Count the number of souls that you are praying for.  In the day of judgment, these names will be written in your Book of Life just as you patiently wrote their names in your notebook waiting for My Grace to grow in them."

To ask the community to pray for you, please fill in the form below. Your request will be placed in our oratory  and written in our Book of Life prayer notebook,  where we shall hold you and your intention before the Lord during opportunities for Adoration and Holy Hour, during missions where our Lord send us, and pilgrimages that we embark on.

As Benedictine Oblates, we have committed our lives to pray seven times a day.  

Lauds/Morning Prayer

Midday Prayer

Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3 pm

Vespers/Evening Prayer


Holy Mass 

Compline or Night Prayers