Spiritual Warfare Weapon Ignited

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4.00 LBS
$15.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

St. Benedict Deliverance Crucifix, 10 inch, Walnut and Bloodwood 

Bonus:  Free Spiritual Warfare Kit, that is, a small vial of exorcised salt and a prophecy box, containing a Scriptural verse that will bring God's word into your life, family situation or community.    Must be received  after prayerful discernment and  faith.  

A 6th century spiritual warfare "warrior" taught us how to fight the evil one, once more these ancient weapons are  IGNITED.


In the time of St. Benedict, he used the "Sign of the Cross"  with his hands to deliver souls from the bondage of the devil.  He knows the power of the cross - that the cross can heal and set people free from the clutches of the enemy. In the St. Benedict Jubilee medal, you can see him carrying the cross on one side and the Bible on the other.  This tells us how important it is to fight the evil one, with the cross, a symbol of our redemption and the Word of God.  However, over time, we became desensitized on the power of the cross.  It just simply became a religious ornament.

The devil hates the cross, especially the Cross of St. Benedict because it is made of solid wood, the material that God chose to redeem us which is from a tree, a life-giving creation of God, and one that symbolized strength, integrity, shelter and nourishment.  The devil also hates the exorcism prayers that are inscribed in the medal of St. Benedict.  This is PAX which means peace.  The devil knows that a sign of his presence is the absence of peace.  The devil hates that we will eventually understand how the cross can be the light in darkness.  The devil hates how the treasures of the Church, the sacramentals, when used with faith, is a powerhouse of protection.

Special Features

  • Perpetual Prayer enrollment included, your intentions will be included in our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Mass, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Adoration, Holy Rosary.

  • Exorcised salt included inside the cross.   

  • Made of solid wood. 

  • Two options for display:   wall  or table top 

  • Touched to the first class relic of the True Cross 

  • Approved Benedictine Blessing by a priest if requested prior to shipment 

  • Certificate of Authencity included.  

  • St. Benedict Medal embedded to have favor of the Church's partial  indulgences

  • Purchase of Cross entitles you to a membership to the Cross of St. Benedict Society where we pray for each other for the "healing of our families" and the acceptance of  a St. Benedict Crucifix or  cross in homes.  

Read article of Charlotte New Herald on our ministry.  Click here.  

 Does this cross have exorcised salt inside? 


Yes, each of our crosses contain exorcised salt. Exorcised salt is a sacramental of the Church. When the Church asks publicly and authoritatively in the name of Jesus Christ that a person or object be protected against the power of the evil one and withdrawn from his dominion, it is called exorcism. Jesus performed exorcisms and from Him the Church has received the power and office of exorcising.

In the prayer of exorcising salt, God endows material elements with a supernatural power of protecting those who use them with faith against all the attacks of the enemy. Exorcised salt is used either in areas considered infected by demonic forces or for the protection of homes, buildings, and fields.

A hole is strategically drilled on top  of the crucifix and sealed with wax.

If a spiritual need arises, one simply punctures this seal to let out the exorcised salt. The following prayer is recommended:

 "I seal this {room or home } in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ our Savior, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."


Can I choose the type of wood for my St. Benedict Cross?


Yes. The available choices are maple, oak, birch, cherry, beechwood, bloodwood, mahogany, walnut, wenge, purple heart, bubinga.

How long does it take to build the St. Benedict Cross?

If your order is not in our inventory, we need about 7-14 days to make your cross.  However, this will be greatly delayed if in the month of your order we have scheduled talks and conferences.  


Can we buy the St. Benedict Cross in any Catholic Gift Shops in the US?


No. At the moment, it is only available online or by contacting us.

What do you mean the Cross of St. Benedict comes with a Certificate of Authenticity?

The product is an original design,  hand-crafted artwork by Oblate Patrick Campbell . Thus, no two crosses are alike. The Certificate of Authencity is a specialty paper that shows an identifiable unique code and number plate with the signature of Patrick Campbell, embossed stamp of our logo,  and the signature of the priest who blessed the cross with an Approved Benedictine Prayer. This information is recorded in our book.

Is the Crucifix Blessed Already By a Benedictine Priest?


No, we do not sell blessed items. If requested, the St. Benedict Cross will be brought to a holy priest who will pray a special Benedictine Blessing (with exorcism prayers) for the St. Benedict medal to gain favor of the indulgences.


How will the Cross of St. Benedict become a 3rd Class Relic?


After purchase, the Cross of St. Benedict will be touched to the FIRST CLASS RELIC of the TRUE CROSS in our Oratory.

What is perpetual prayer enrollment?


Our family consecrated our lives to pray for the healing of families.  Your specific prayer intentions will be recorded in our "Book of Life" notebook and we will include your petitions in our daily  celebration of the Liturgy of Hours, Holy Mass, Holy Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Adoration. Each purchase of the Cross of St. Benedict entitles you to a perpetual spiritual enrollment and the owner shares in the prayers of our community forever.


How long can our prayer intention be?


It can be as long as needed. We assign one or more community members to pray for the specific intentions in our Adoration time. We also include your intentions in our prayer book at the Legion of Mary in our parish. Email or mail us your specific prayer requests.



Your cross is gorgeous but I cannot afford it now. We heard that you accept payments?


Generous amount of the proceeds of your purchase go to our monastery, our parish home and a charitable Catholic and/or Christian organization or person who needs help.  

Those who cannot afford the full price of the St. Benedict Cross are given affordable financing terms of their choice.   We will set up an account  to bill you per our agreement.  Thus, no one who wants to have this cross will be denied (We apologize that we do not have the resources to make this available outside the United States).