St. Benedict Combat Warrior Rosary, Wood

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St. Benedict Combat Warrior Rosary

A Benedictine rosary that provides the indulgences associated with the St. Benedict Medal, that is, those who wear and kiss, as long as they are in the state of grace, will receive spiritual favors and protection, as given by our Mother Church for this sacramental.  

This product comes with the Approved Benedictine  Blessing and Meaning of the prayers embedded in the St. Benedict medal. 

Product Description

  • Practical for daily rosary warriors 
  • You can keep your eyes close and know where the decade will cease and begin again because the "Our Father" beads are separated from the 10 Haily Mary beads
  • Perfect for outdoor prayer
  • Braided decade knots make it very sturdy. 

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Rosary: 18" long
  • Measurements: St. Benedict Crucifix - 2", Beads- 12mm 
  • Beads- natural ollive wood, dark brown
  • Cord Nylon