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St. Benedict Crucifix, Walnut and Bloodwood, 14 inch with Miraculous Medal

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1.80 LBS
$12.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Due to a recent discernment that we will be focusing on evangelization for the youth for 2019, we are constantly on the road but  we can build by order only.    Thus, we ask that you call us at (803) 526-8632 if you want us to build this beautiful sacramental  asap. 

St. Benedict Crucifix, Walnut and Bloodwood, 14 inch (Price $185.00)

Note:  Also available in Table Top Version, please add $15 to your order.  Pay additional for the base stand here.  



  • Perpetual Prayer enrollment included, your intentions will be included in our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Mass, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Adoration, Holy Rosary.
  • Exorcised salt included inside the  the cross.   
  • Touched to the first class relic of the True Cross 
  • Approved Benedictine Blessing from holy priest will be made available upon request after purchase (deliverance and exorcism prayers)
  • Certificate of Authencity showing that this cross is handcrafted by Oblate Patrick Campbell with a unique plate identification. 
  • Made of Solid Wood.    Due to the nature of wood, there might be a slight difference with the actual product and the photos. See disclaimer below.
  • For specific instructions on your preferences or customized orders, please call 1-888-510-4492.
  • Shipping Rate is only for  the United States (mainland).  Canada Order is an additional $30.  All international orders will depend on the current postal rate for the country and applicable duties.  
  • Generous portion of the proceeds are donated to our monastery, parish and/or persons/entities that require some monetary assistance in purchasing the cross.  


Disclaimer: The natural beauty   of the wood used by the Cross of St. Benedict comes from the inherent characteristic of the wood itself.     There are many factors that explain the variations in appearance of the wood used within the same cross.  These are not considered defects.   Trees of the same species, even growing beside each other are affected differently by climate and other elements in the environment.  This includes minerals and nutrients absorbed at different rates by the same tree.  This is evident in the distinctive grain pattern variations, grain color variations, and unique markings  in a wood coming from the same tree species.  The clear or natural wood finishes permit the natural beauty of the grain to come out and beautiful contrasting color tones are enhanced further. Natural wood has an exotic elegance when you touch it.  It shows vivid tone colors of the wood and variation in wood grain.    It is in itself a work of art.