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St.  Benedict Classy Choker 

The St. Benedict Medal on the  Necklace is made of stainless steel and diamond-looking stones circle the medal around.  It is laser etched at the back.  The length of the beads  is approximately 14 inches long.  The size of the medal is 1 and 1/4" It is a great gift for weddings, confirmation, birthday and holiday occasions.   It is wrapped in plastic seal.  

This St. Benedict Necklace is not only beautiful but prayers were engraved on it.  It's power is when you have faith and direct your thoughts to Jesus Christ and the intercession of St. Benedict.   It is not a lucky charm but a sacramental, it directs you to God.  

Powerful Spiritual Benefits 


  • To destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical influences.
  • To keep away the spells of magicians, of wicked and evil-minded person.  
  • To obtain the conversion of sinners, especially when they are in danger of death.
  • To serve as an armour in temptations against holy purity.
  • To destroy the effects of poison.
  • To destroy the effects of poison.
  • To secure timely and healthy birth for children.
  • To afford protection against storms and lightning.
  • Finally, the Medal has often been used with admirable effect, even for animals infected with plague or other maladies; and for fields when invaded by harmful insects.
  • Ideal for those wanting  healing from illnesses, anxiety and deliverance from demonic influences.