Steady Confidence St. Anne Necklace

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Steady Confidence St. Anne Necklace

St Anne is the patron saint of unmarried women, who are advised to pray: “St Anne, St Anne, find me a man.”Ideal for mothers, grandmothers, unmarried women, women in labor, infertile women, housewives

Patron Saint:  Saint Anne

Feast Day:  July 25

Testimony about the efficacy of the St. Anne novena to find a partner in life,  taken from Anne,  

Five years ago, I heard about a couple of other women praying to St. Anne for her intercession that they would, “find a man, as fast as we can!” One woman in particular, I had heard, had met her then-fiance (now husband) after praying the St. Anne Novena. It didn’t take me too long to decide I wanted to pray it, too, and that maybe I would also find a good Catholic man to date.

 I was very committed to the novena, and each morning, I would take the novena prayers with me to the chapel and I would sit up in the very front and pray to meet my future spouse. It was the very first novena I had ever prayed. I had never really even heard about novenas before then.

 I wasn’t very patient, but I was diligent (still am!)… and looking back, it definitely paid off.

 On my way out of the chapel sometime during the novena, I remember beginning to notice that there was a man sitting in one of the pews in the very back of the church, praying. I also remember thinking to myself that I had hoped to meet someone like him someday — someone who was up early, praying, before work. Someone who, like me, was starting their day with prayer. That was a good sign of a good man!

 As God would have it (and St. Anne, too!), I met my husband John-Paul just a couple of weeks after I finished the novena, and it turned out that he was the guy I kept seeing sitting in the back of the chapel praying.  To read more about this blog, please visit Annie's blog here. 


 Exclusive. Handcrafted in USA by jewelry artist Kris Maki  to assist us to  raise funds for  Joyful Hope Ministries.    

 Please note that at Cross of St. Benedict Society, we have the great privilege of building relationships with unique artists who share our  vision to glorify God in all things we do.  Not only are they members of this fast growing society of men and women who serve God in their respective missions, but  we also contribute our time and talent for a common goal:  to bring beauty in holiness.   We work with a code of honor conveying artistic pieces of high level of quality that can be passed from one generation to the next.   We are artists who have a story to tell the world.   We give God all glory.  God is the greatest artist of all times.  Let us adore His work through the gifts He bestowed in us.  Most of all, let us love those who God put in front of us.  Thank you for visiting us today.  We hope you will share this artistic piece to your loved ones and friends.