Unbelievable Story Behind These Treasures , Seen in EWTN

Be inspired. 


 If you need a nice miraculous story to tell your loved one today, we have an unbelievable story that only our Lord can weave together.  

Once upon a time, our family was shipwrecked.  In modern lingo, it means relationships turned sour.   We navigated the heartaches of divorce which stole our joy, created a financial hole and a life of poverty, caused post traumatic syndrome manifesting in chronic illnesses and psychological disorders.  We waited for  a rescue from our Lord by taking the Church teachings and sacraments seriously.    Instead, our Lord gave us a ministry to help other wounded families.  

We said "Yes" to Jesus.   Since 2012,  Our Lord had been sending us  three times a year across the US and Canada to pray with families and bring them back to the sacraments.  Sometimes, with just a budget of as little as $200, our Lord  multiplied our finances and provided  for all our needs.  In the process, we have enlarged our family members.  We have now almost 8000 intercessors for the healing of families.      The products we build with our hands, as part of our Benedictine promise, being Oblates of the Benedictines, brought comfort and peace to other  families.   As survivors of diabolical interferences, we have built sacramentals that Catholics considered a powerhouse in the world of spiritual warfare.  

Your purchase supports the mission that has been entrusted to us by our Lord - to be First Responders to the wounds of families.  

Our story has been featured at EWTN, @HOME with JIM and JOY.  We were also interviewed at Light of the Lord Radio Station and Radio Maria.  Please let us know what you think after viewing the above video clip.  Thank you for visiting our site.   If there is a product that you like, please do not hesitate to email us for an affordable installment plan.  We would be happy to meet you where you are at financially.  Join us in our mission and let us know how we can pray for you at patrick@crossofstbenedict.com. 


Patrick, Joy and Talon, Lucas and Ignatius Campbell 



Preace. Prayer. Protection.  Spiritual Battle T-shirts Click here 


2. COMPANION Trinity St. Benedict Crucifix ($99)

Hand-held St. Benedict Crucifix, about 4 inches honoring the Trinity.  



Patrick had a dream presenting these hearts to a crowd.  The devil cursed him vehemently.  That is our cue that these sacramentals will be very effective for protection.  



A religious sabotage for those who are not ready for the cross.  Great for office desks, hospitals, schools or areas where God is not allowed.  



Classy piece and protects you too.  




The greatest invention of all time - a place to put your exorcised salt.  


Two woods inlayed together as one, makes a marriage pocket cross.  Easy on the pocket.  Great for ladies' purses too. 



8. PROTECTION ST. BENEDICT Crucifix  3 inches ,  ($49.99)

Solid wood.   Great protection for cars, door knobs.  Each room deserves this cross.  Nuns and priests wear this underneath their habit.  



 9.  St. Gertrude Doll, our Mother Superior  ($40) 

This was inspired to honor the Benedictines, most especially, Our Mother Superior Gertrude who taught us patiently the Rule of St. Benedict.  Learn about the life of St. Gertrude the Great. 



10.  All About Angels ($10) Illustration by our daughter Cierra Campbell 

Our daughter  Hunter Rose illustrated this children book.

 11.  Let us Discover the Rosary ($15) 

The most beautiful, engaging explanation of the rosary.  A sure hit for our little ones.  All ages will enjoy this video. Watch out for our mission video at the end of the DVD.