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About the Campbell Family



In a destabilized world, where danger, violence and disruption in now the norm, Patrick and Joy Campbell are fiercely authentic, engaging and hilarious in their “Holy Family, Batman!” program. Spiritual Superheroes to those who attend their workshops and those they pray with, Patrick, Joy and their family of 9 invite us into their lives to join them on a wild adventure as we watch them follow God’s call to help lead all families to holiness, healing, communion and community.

Leaving a highly successful corporate job, Patrick, a talented carpenter, followed his wife Joy's prompting to attend a spirit-filled healing service and it was the beginning of an exciting family adventure for the whole family that took them all over the US and Canada. Patrick and Joy lead a highly successful spiritual SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team where they teach the faithful how to deal with and immobilize spiritual attacks from the enemy. Healing and reconciliation occur on regular basis when the Campbells gather to teach, pray with and spiritually empower those who are searching for individual and family healing.


As fruits of their oblation in Sept. 2012, as Oblates of the Benedictines,  Patrick and Joy lived their Benedictine promise by building spiritual weapons, particularly the Cross of St. Benedict and sacred drawings as armors against the forces of evil to defend the families.    

 As founders of the Cross of St. Benedict Society, their members grew to over  56,000 intercessors in 2019 united in prayer for the healing of families.  

They use social media, such as FACEBOOK,  to evangelize and to keep their connections with the society members.  They also are Youtube Video Bloggers under JOYFULHOPE TV, documenting the God moment in their family and mission life.   They go to missions by travelling across  United States and Canada three times a year to present their crosses in various conferences and parish presentations where they meet their new  brothers and sisters in Christ.    








Their spiritual director calls them “First Responders”  adhering to Pope Francis’ call to heal the wounded starting from the ground up.  




Patrick and Joy accompany  spiritually afflicted families back to the sacraments by praying with them and giving their testimony of healing.  Then, they teach them to use the sacramental of the Church and the gifts of the Holy Spirit to fight evil in their family life.   


THe Campbell family prays several times a day for the intercessors and their members.  They designate two hours each week to read the  intentions of their members.   As a Christian family, their members are able to call them up.   When members ask for prayers, the Campbells stop and  pray for them like  their own family members.  

Since, November 2013, they have entrusted the apostolate to Our Lady of Holy Hope who led them to the cemetery of Fr. Patrick Quinlan in St. Stanislaw in Kingstree  on the birthday of Joy in April 2015. The heroic virtues of Fr. Patrick Quinlan during the Golden age of evangelization  in the South (1940's)  inspired them to see the coincidences and similarities in  their evangelization efforts by being a "Domestic Church-on-wheels".  


  They were commissioned to construct a 12-foot memorial by the ICCRS in Vatican city for the "Ark and the Dove", the birthplace of the Catholic Renewal.  This project united the town, their officials, and the people of all faith in Kingstree to honor the Cross of Renewal as they marched the streets of Kingstree.  They were featured at EWTN @Home with Jim and Joy. 




To fund their missions, Patrick and his sons handcraft and build crosses that represent families and their faith story.

 As artists and artisans,  they create the sacramentals that will entice them to respond to the sacrificial love of our Lord Jesus Christ and honor the provision of the Holy Father and the life of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity.

The cross can also include the Blessed Mother at the foot of the cross and their family's favorite saints.  Blessed salt is drilled on top of their cross and capped with a Benedictine seal.  

The crosses are the choice of Exorcists, ministry leaders, bishops, religious, priests and families.  They also build sacramentals that has the same spiritual benefits as the cross but made to be more acceptable to family members that are not ready for the cross -  Benedictine Heart pendants and pods, Benedictine fish, Benedictine containers,  etc.     


 The Campbell family is a family of artists.  As a singer/songwriter, he released three CDs, including the movie soundtrack of World Youth Day “Don’t Turn back ”.  As a visual artist, he won  First Place in the Scholastic Art National Awards in 1989 in the United States.  Joy is a professional Church organist/pianist.  

 Patrick drew several Sacred Pencil Art of Our Lady of Hope, St. Joseph, the Passion of Christ, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Padre Pio, St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St.  Michael the Archangel.  The Campbell family also built Rectory altars, Church altars, Processional Crosses and Altar crosses among others.  

 The Cross of St. Benedict Society is a ministry partner for a PRO-LIfe  organization based in Birmingham called the United for Life Foundation.  All tax-deductible donations are directed to them to help the mission that God has placed with the Campbell family.  



Listen and watch to the video testimony that brought conversions and physical healing: