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About the Cross of St. Benedict Mission


We pray for the healing of families by offering the prayer intentions of the members of the Cross of St. Benedict Society in our daily celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours, Holy Mass, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, 3 am  Holy Hour and the Holy Rosary.  


We give our testimony of healing that occurred in our family to bring joyful hope to wounded families.



We promote in Catholic conferences,  the "Cross of St. Benedict" as a powerful spiritual warfare weapon, blessed by the Catholic Church with the  possibility of  gaining partial  and unconditional indulgences (usual conditions prescribed by the Church are met.)  We travel to any part of North America to where our Lord wants us to testify and have prayed for the "movers and shakers of the Catholic world"in the world.

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Our battle cry:  "Satan divides families, we connect families in prayer. "


  The reason we have come to make these beautiful crosses of St. Benedict available to a larger public is due to its impact on our own lives.  Hear the real story in this CD.

The ministry is the fruit of our personal commitment as Oblates of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Peace. 



 We are a community of Catholic fathers, mothers, children who solemnly offered an oblation before God to reform our lives according to the Rule of St. Benedict as our state of life permits and to associate ourselves in the life, prayers and works with the Monastic Community of Sisters, the "Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Peace"   in Davidson, North Carolina.


Active Apostolate


 Our aim ...


1. To bring the Cross of St. Benedict to each home in the world


The St. Benedict Cross is  identified by the medal of St. Benedict at the center. Traditionally, the medal is known for its power to ward off the devil and   his influences.  On the medal is an image of St. Benedict along with a Latin inscription which invokes the saint to protect us from the cunning of the evil one. Having had his own battles against Satan in his own life-time, St. Benedict has for centuries been a heavenly intercessor for protection and healing for those who call upon him.  More and more, the medal of St. Benedict has spread throughout the world as a powerful sacramental against evil.

We also drill "exorcised salt" inside our crucifix.  Thus, in an emergency situation, one can remove the wax seal and sprinkle the exorcised salt in the room to ward off evil. 



 We have embedded the medal of St. Benedict in a cross of solid wood. Because Jesus won our salvation upon a cross of wood, Satan hates wood as a sacred symbol of our salvation.  (View "The Making of the Cross" video.)


Although crosses may be made of various materials, none is so precious to the Lord as those of wood, since the wood continues the symbolic value of the redemption wrought upon it. ( Read the "Biblical Significance of Wood").


From ancient times, the veneration of the cross on Good Friday was always made to a wooden cross, with or without a corpus on it. Contemplating the beauty of the cross, we lovingly   recognize the Priceless Gift,   the Beloved Son of God, which hung upon it for our salvation.

How can we repay the Lord?



We can never sufficiently repay the Lord for what He has done for us. But we can do as He requested and take up our cross and follow Him.


Having a visible sign of this cross in our homes not only protects us from evil, it is also a reminder of our salvation and an invitation to take up our daily crosses and follow the Lord.  



 How visible do you want the Holy Cross in your home? Are you prepared for a very large-sized presence?  Or perhaps your situation requires a more subtle smaller version? 



If you are worried about the price of the cross,we invite you to have faith that our Lord will provide you with the resources to take up this cross.


May our prayer be "Give us faith to claim as our only glory the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ."


2. To promote the Divine Office as the Work of God (Opus Dei) in families. 


Oblates in the Benedictine tradition take to their homes the prayer (called by St. Benedict: the Work of God) sung in the monasteries at intervals throughout the day. By gathering to pray several times a day, the Work of God...


  • Heals a family's brokenness and disunity by gathering the families to pray together: "... where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20)


  • Obtains the charism of peace for the family by punctuating the day with prayers.


  • Opens the hearts of family members to the soothing graces of inner healing through the chanting of the psalms and hymns which are the core of liturgical prayer.

3. To promote the Rule of St. Benedict as a guide for family life. 


The Rule is full of wisdom and Christian values which help us...

  •  To claim back the spiritual authority of fathers as priests in the family or in the Domestic Church.

  •  To promote a daily trinitarian pursuit of work, study, and prayer. 

  •  To reform life according to the Benedictine spirituality: stability, obedience, and conversion of life.


4. To encourage support of  Sacred Art and its  place in every Catholic home. 


“If there are artisans in the
monastery, let them practice
their crafts with all humility,
provided the Abbot has given permission”

(RB 57). (or: Rule of St. Benedict, 57)





Generous proceeds from our business go to the following Catholic organizations:

Our monastery, The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Peace, Davidson, North Carolina

Our  parish, St. Dorothy Catholic Church, Lincolnton, NC 

Organizations which sponsor our exhibitions.