St. Benedict Medals Secrete Oil

St. Benedict Medals Secrete Oil

Posted by Dr. Allan Weilert on 9th Oct 2015

St. Benedict Medals Secretes Oil by Dr. Allan Weilert, Guest Writer

October 09, 2015, Wichita, Kansas. It is the most-highly indulgenced medal in the Church, prized for its divine power to put the enemy to flight, eradicate plagues and sickness in both man and beast, and invoking the inestimable almighty authority of the Cross and Our Savior Jesus Christ, the medal of St. Benedict is precious to those engaged in spiritual warfare.

In 1998, I first heard of certain signs and wonders happening in my deacon-friend's life. I immediately packed a small box of various sacramental and shipped them to him, to place in his bedroom where a humble miraculous medal which now was not only oozing oil, but had spread to nearly every sacramental object which had come into contact with it. This miraculous medal had been touched to the remains of Mother Seton.

Dr. Allan Weilert currently resides in Wichita, KS and has worked as a chiropractor, is a Fourth-Degree Knight of Columbus, serving in many aspects of parish ministry, active for 40+years as a leader and teacher in Catholic charismatic renewal and healing ministry, and co-ordinates as an official representative of Betania XVII, a local community affiliated with Betania, Venezuela, home to Church-approved apparitions of Our Lady, Virgin and Mother, Reconciler of All Peoples and Nations. If you would like to receive a blessed oozing medal, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope:

Dr. Allan Weilert

404 W. Pawnee St., Apt 317

Wichita, KS 67213

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Dr. Weilert joined the  Cross of St. Benedict Society this year.  His Cross of St. Benedict  is featured on this page. 

A  couple of months later, my friend returned my package and I was astonished to find oil on nearly every medal, holy card, devotional badge, and crucifix I had sent him. Imagine my surprise when this same subtle oily sheen was also suddenly on many the the religious books on my shelf! Interestingly enough, no oil was discovered on my cookbooks or secular titles, only on books of a spiritual nature.

I am a man professionally trained in both theology and science, but nobody prepared me how to manage the miraculous! Little wonder, most experts shy away from ever talk of the miraculous. Yet, one of the greatest miracles happens on our altars every day at the words our our priests.

St. Benedict Deliverance Cross

To date, I have shared well over 50,000 of these medals which have maintained an unusual oily feel to them.

One oozing miraculous medal has reportedly worked three healing of brain tumors! 

God is so good to bring so many graces to us by means of these tiny medals.

Also a number of people have shared that at times the oiling medals have an enticing aroma. Yet many cannot perceive this fragrance or even feel the usually difficult to detect oil on these sacramentals.

One interesting note,  oil is felt on one side of the St.  Benedict medals, usually on the cross side, while other medals seem to exude oil from both sides.

Finally, many people have reported glitter also emanating from the oozing medals. I first noticed this in Betania, an approved apparition site of Our Lady in Venezuela. In most cases, the glitter is silver or gold colored. I refer to this substance as "glitter," but actually it appears to be more like metal filings, oblong in shape as opposed to the uniform configuration of glitter.

These oil oozing sacramentals have inspired me to bow humbly under the Lord's magnificent plan. Just as water from a rock is implausible, so too us heavenly oil from items which call us to devotion can confound us. In the end, I think that Our Father wants us to know he's crazy in love with us and gets a bang out of sending us little tokens of His love and mercy.